Build a free (or cheap) Off-Air HDTV antenna

Receiving a good, strong television signal from your local affiliates doesn't usually require an expensive antenna. In fact, you can probably find enough parts around the shop to build one very cheap or even free. Click here to download a simple how-to including the theory and calculations you'll need to build your own simple antennas.

Tascam DB-25 Standard

Popularized by Tascam, and now used by hundreds of companies around the world, the DB-25 standard will show you how to make breakout cables from or to DB-25 connectors. Click here to download a pdf of Tascam's DB-25 Pinout Standard

Cat5e & Cat 6 Terminations

A telecommunications standard known as the TIA/EIA-568, it's a good idea to print off a standard T568A and T568B color code. Read more about the T568a and b standard.

1290/1260 Audio Breakout

Tandberg set the standard for SD and HD IRDs, and since you'll likely work with a lot of them now and in the future, it's not a bad idea to have a few extra audio breakouts (or whips) in your toolbox. Click here to download a pdf on how to build these 1290/1260 audio breakouts.

IFB-325 and Model 32 Update

The RTS by Telex IFB-325 and Studio Technologies Model 32 have both become extremely common wired talent amplifiers. This repair sheet shows how to update older units that did not ship with a 1/8" (3.5 mm) chassis connector (the more common IFB connector used by talent today). Click here to download a pdf showing how to best update these talent amplifiers.

On The Workbench

Click Here to Enter the SNG Forum

The SNG Forum is a free online meeting place for Satellite and TV Production professionals and enthusiasts. The new front page, nicknamed "The Workbench" is an effort to bring a more professional look and feel, but also so we can all have a place to put and later find our favorite notes. One of the biggest concerns and problems in the forum has been flood of unnessessary comments that often have nothing to do with the original post.

We've come to call that, "hijacking the thread."

Click here to check out the Google Sites "SNGForumWorkbench" which is a working page for all of us to add content that will ultimately considered for inclusion in this page. We hope, over time, this google sites page will also generate interest amongst engineers who do not want to be a part of the forum, but want to contribute to the overall common knowledge we are acquiring.

You will need a google account to add to the page, but you should not need a google account to read the page.

Bothering the forum administrators, by complaining about why you or your company have not been listed or included, is a sure way to guarantee you'll never be listed or included. We already work very hard in our regular jobs, and we do this work for free. In fact, most of us work at a loss of our time and money because we have never asked for a penny for any of these services.

In some cases, forum administrators have even been threatened. Should this happen, be assured you will never be a part of this community. We know how to track you, and we know how to read your email. And we won't let you ruin it for everybody else. We are here to protect the rights of the whole before the rights of the individual.

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